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Our mantra is to ensure each and every travel is fun, adrenaline packed, educational and more so have minimal impact on the environment. You will enjoy well curated Safaris and excursions that will leave you yearning for more.

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Our Mission

Africa Safariland Tours strives give our international and local clients the most enjoyable experience and to form deep and lasting bonds with the region’s culture, nature and wildlife.

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Our Vission

Africa Safariland Tours aspires to be the region’s premier travel and tour agency for those wishing to embrace nature, wildlife, and local culture sustainably.

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Our Business Philosophy

The philosophy that “clients come first” has served us well over the years as we continue to embrace the values of honesty, integrity and love of nature.

About Us

Our immediate team of mostly native Kenyans is well connected with local communities and works with an extended network of trusted tour and travel partners in the region. Experience abroad, coupled with years of working with both local and international visitors and organizations has given us an understanding of the desires of both local and international tourists. Whether you are flying in from out of the country or simply wish to escape the Nairobi winter, we understand your time is valuable to you and our goal is to provide you with an enjoyable experience.

Our Values & Culture

At Africa Safariland Tours, we believe in Eco Tourism and Wildlife Conservation. We espouse a culture of living in balance with nature and advocate for the provision of market-linked, long-term solutions to encourage effective protection of the natural and cultural heritage of our region.

Our Values and Culture

Among the many safari packages we advocate for are those that embed tourists with communities living around wildlife areas. The emphasis is on enriching personal experiences and environmental awareness and greater understanding and appreciation for nature, local society and culture.

Wildlife Safari

East Africa is fast losing its wildlife. Threats such as loss of habitat and poaching are increasingly threatening to wipe out the wildlife, which tourism is hinged on.

Scuba Diving

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Hiking Trips

With soaring Rift Valley mountains with accessible summits, snaking forest trails and flatland savannah, East Africa has a range of trekking experiences to suit most time frames and fitness levels…


On the northern edge is a gorgeous area of oases with groves of palm trees that attract sand grouse and other birds including vulturine guinea fowls. The oases are also…

City Tours

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Bungee Jump

This activity is done worldwide in different continents and Africa is one of them. It involves jumping from a high structure tied with an elastic cord around their feet for…


Despite the powder-soft sand and seawater that runs a dozen shades of blue, East Africa's coastline is dotted with dazzling tropical beaches, each with its own character.

People Power

Our Guides are the Secret Weapon behind our Success.

Amazing Experience

Specialists in the wider East African region, Africa Safariland Tours offers guided safaris for both local and international visitors throughout the region including: Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda. We are members of the Africa Travel Association and a recognized Ecotourism Kenya Corporate Member.

``Experience local culture and adventure… A trip of a life time. Be Eco-Friendly, Go Green”
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