Limits Of Liability

About Limits Of Liability

AST contracts with service providers for transportation, hotels, meals, guides, and tours.  These contract services are not under our control.

AST is not liable for any delays from the negligent actions of others including but not limited to contractors, inconveniences, accidents, expenses or mishaps of any kind whatsoever resulting entirely, or in part, from the negligence or actions of others or from causes beyond its control.  With the exception of acts or omissions by a direct employee of Africa Safariland Tours.

Africa Safariland Tours does not accept any responsibility for losses or additional expenses due to delays or changes in air services, sickness, weather, strike, war, quarantine, or other events beyond its control. AST reserves the right, in its sole discretion to substitute modes of transportation and to make any changes in the itinerary where deemed necessary or appropriate or caused by changes in air schedules, or any other unforeseen conditions.

With the exception of those occasions when provides its own vehicles and driver/guides, AST its owners, and its associated agents act only as agents for the owners, contractors and suppliers providing means of transportation and/or all other related travel services and disclaim all liability for property loss or damage, and/or any damages or claims resulting from death, illness or personal injuries, including loss of services which may be sustained on account of, arising out of, by reason of any contracted service for transportation guide service excursions, safari’s or third party vendors, airlines - including delays, bus service, permitting authorities included but not limited to the Kenyan government, or from any act of God, natural catastrophe, war, terrorism, criminal acts by third parties, injuries by animals, loss of personal property by theft or otherwise, any other event act or omission by any other person, party or company other than Africa Safariland Tours other than its employee.

Your participation in wild animal safaris has inherent risk and dangers of personal injury or death and you specifically release and hold harmless AST its employees from any and all claims that result from injury or death in connection with your participation with animal safaris.

AST Insurance

We do not provide insurance that covers trip interruption or delays or loss of personal property by theft or otherwise, or medical coverage. We strongly recommend you purchase insurance for trip interruption, medical, evacuation and loss of property by theft or otherwise.

Participant gives AST and their contractors permission to arrange emergency medical treatment for participants if deemed necessary in AST sole discretion, and Participant agrees to hold AST harmless for the provision or non-provision of such services, and waives any and all claims for injury, illness or death arising from or relate to this proxy other than those claims arising from AST Tours wilful conduct or gross negligence.

Participants agree that neither they, nor any of their heirs, personal or legal representatives, or family members will bring suit or make a claim against AST, its employees, directors, or owners, for illness, injury, loss or damage to property, or loss of life except as results from the direct negligence of AST, its employees, arising out of my participation in this trip.  Participants also agree that they knowingly waive any and all claims of any nature they may have against AST other than those arising solely from the negligence of AST or it employees. Participants waive any claim against AST, its owners, directors, or employees for any act or omission by any contractor, person or company other than an employee of AST, any other travel company, other transportation service provider, or arising from any act of God, natural catastrophe, animal attack, for loss, property damage, personal injury, or death, arising in any way out of your participation on your expedition, tour, or safari.

Services Provided

Our expeditions include vehicle, driver/guide and water available in our vehicles, and basic first aid kits. Each expedition is tailor-made and will vary in it meal packages and hotel accommodations. We will clear state what is included on your specific itinerary.

We do not include, tips or gratuities for drivers, guides, national Park Rangers, personal expenses, or additional add on activities you wish to add on while travelling with us. If a trip must be extended or an itinerary modified due to safety, weather, road conditions, lack of transportation, political or civil disputes, medical emergency or other causes beyond our control, all associated costs including any non-recoverable costs are not included in the trip rates or refunds.


Accommodations vary, and include high end and mid-range hotels, basic dormitory-style accommodations (which may lack electricity). Some facilities may have shared bathrooms. Rates are based on double occupancy. Should you require a special room or have accommodation needs please advise Africa Safariland Tours immediately so we may provide you with our best care.

Responsibility / Documentation / Immunizations / Health/ Warnings

The responsibility for the participants’ appropriate behavior will rest with the participants and with school staff on student trips, and not with the AST. AST expects participants to act maturely and assume personal responsibility at all times. The use of alcohol by minors and illegal drug consumption is not permitted.  AST will terminate its contractual obligations to participants for illegal drug alcohol or any other behaviour deemed unsafe by AST. In the event no refund will be given.

S. citizens traveling to Kenya and East Africa are required to carry a passport valid for at least 60 days or more after arrival date. Participants carrying passports from other countries should check with the Kenyan Embassy on entry requirements. It is the participant’s responsibility to ensure they carry proper and valid documentation.

The Centre for Disease Control in the U.S.A. currently lists vaccinations required for travel Kenya. We strongly recommend that you consult your doctor or a travel clinic about these vaccinations. We bare no responsibility for any illness or disease you contract while as a result of your participation.

Though we have taken participants from 8 to 80 years old, our trips are not for everyone. Some of our activities require hiking or walking on uneven trails, crossing rivers, swimming and therefore require a reasonable degree of physical fitness and stamina.

School groups- with and without minor participants

Africa Safariland Tours loves to host school groups for both leisure and educational purposes and understand that your students are in our care. While being a guest of Africa Safariland Tours we ask that under no circumstances do your students take or hire rides on our local taxi’s or ride on any motorcycles.

Africa Safariland Tours also reserves the right to remove any participant from any tour that does not abide by the laws of Kenya. Should any participant deal in any way in the illegal use of drugs and or alcohol, Africa Safariland Tours may ask you to leave the tour. At which time the expenses will fall to the participant and not Africa Safariland Tours.

Always know the rule of the land in which you are traveling.


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