Kenya Destinations

Kenya Destinations

Kenya is a haven for wildlife and nature lovers with its 23 national and four marine parks, offering diverse sights from wildebeest migration at Mara River to Hell's gate gorge and Geysers lake bogoria. While tourists often aim to see the Big Five (rhinos, buffalo, elephants, leopards, and lions), there's much more to enjoy in these parks. They house a variety of unique creatures, stunning landscapes, geothermal springs, vibrant birdlife, and indigenous communities, making every visit a rich experience regardless of the park selected.

Kickstart your Kenya Safari by visiting the Masai Mara National Reserve. This is Kenya's most famous wildlife park. Witness the Great Migration, where over a million wildebeest, zebra, and Thomson's gazelle travel across the Mara River. Keep an eye out for the 'Big Five': lion, leopard, rhino, elephant, and buffalo. This is a real-life nature documentary waiting for you to press play.

On the eastern fringes of the country lies Amboseli National Park, right at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro. The stunning backdrop of Africa’s tallest peak, paired with vast herds of elephants, makes Amboseli a photographer's dream. Here, you don't just watch the wildlife, you become part of it.

Go north and explore Samburu National Reserve. Samburu offers a unique vista of rugged landscapes, rich wildlife, and distinctive Samburu culture. Look out for the special 'Samburu Five': Grevy's zebra, Somali ostrich, reticulated giraffe, gerenuk and Beisa oryx. It's an untamed piece of Africa that enchants all who visit.

Next, make your way to Lake Nakuru National Park, home to one of the most astonishing sights in Kenya: millions of flamingos lining the alkaline lake, turning the shore into a vibrant pink ribbon. Beyond the flamingos, more than 450 species of birds call this park home, making it a birder's paradise.

End your journey at Tsavo National Park, one of the world's largest game reserves. Split into Tsavo East and West, this park combines the thrill of big game spotting with mesmerizing landscapes. Be awed by the red elephants of Tsavo, so-called due to the red dust they bathe in.

Each of these Kenya National Parks offers a unique, unforgettable slice of the country’s natural beauty. And, it doesn’t matter if you're passionate about wildlife, love bird watching, enjoy photography, or simply seek an escape from the ordinary, these parks provide a magical journey into the heart of Africa. Visit Kenya National Parks and get ready to experience African wilderness at its best.

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