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The cuisine of Rwanda is based on local staple foods produced by subsistence agriculture such as bananas, plantains (known as ibitoke), pulses, sweet potatoes, beans, and cassava (manioc).[273] Many Rwandans do not eat meat more than a few times a month.[273] For those who live near lakes and have access to fish, tilapia is popular.[273] The potato, thought to have been introduced to Rwanda by German and Belgian colonialists, is very popular.[274] Ugali, locally known as Ubugari (or umutsima) is common, a paste made from cassava or maize and water to form a porridge-like consistency that is eaten throughout the African Great Lakes.[275] Isombe is made from mashed cassava leaves and served with dried fish.[274] Lunch is usually a buffet known as mélange, consisting of the above staples and sometimes meat.[276] Brochettes are the most popular food when eating out in the evening, usually made from goat but sometimes tripe, beef, or fish.[276]

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